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Deponigas Aps, has several development and trail units in Denmark and abroad.
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References in Denmark
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Deponigas Aps have a development and trail unit at Fårup dump close to the city of Viborg, where the gas are transformed in a 15 kWel dual-fuel gasmotorunit. The unit and development has been made possible by a subsidy in 1997 from the "Energistyrelsen" and the "Den grønne Jobpulje"  under the Danish Ministry of the Environment.

Since 1999 Deponigas Aps has established the units at Sdr. Hostrup, Ubberup, Bobøl, Hedeland, Skodsbøl og Feltengård and taken part in the expandsion of the unit at Vindblæs dump. The units at Hedeland and in Skodsbøl are owned and run by Deponigas Aps controlled from the office in Helgenæs.

Fårup dump by Bjerringbro:
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The dump was closed in 1985 containing about 130.000 ton of waste.
We have made 38 drillings using the pile driver principle and connected  3 perkolator wells.
The gas are transformed in a 15 kWel dual-fuel gasmotorunit.

Manifold, gasmeter and gaspump

The first gasmotor in Fårup
3 rd. generation drill gear

Sdr. Hostrup dump by Aabenraa:
The dump is still in operation. The gas are collected from about 700.000 ton waste.
It was started in March 2001 using 16 traditionel drillings made by fa. Krüger.
We have further made 20 drillings using the pile driver principle and connected  1 perkolator well.
The gas are transformed in a 110 kWel dual-fuel gasmotorunit. The unit was sold to the site owner in July 2004.

Technic container with motor and control unit

Fieldmanifold from the test site. On the rigth side the gas are sent to the technic container.

Ubberup dump by Kalundborg:
The dump is closed and contain about 385.000 ton waste and is supplied with 28 wells equipped with passive airing.
The unit was started in May 2001. No drilings was made at site as the airing are used. The year after 18 perkolator wells was added.
The gas are transformed in a 110 kWel dual-fuel gasmotorunit.
The unit was sold to NISSEN energi teknik A/S July 2004.

Manifold under erection

Technic container
Start on erection site

Hedeland dump by Roskilde:
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The dump was closed in 1979 containin about 1.000.000 ton waste.
In 1988 a gas recovery unit was installed with 34 and 6 drillings on 2 manifolds.
The gas was sent to the city of Hedehusene and used in a district heating unit. The gas company was declared broke some years later.

In 2002 we made a contract with I/S Hedeland, the owner of the site, leasing the gas recovery unit and technic building.
The gas are transformed in a 110 kW dual-fuel gasmotorunit.
The unit are remote controlled from our office.

In the summer of 2007 there will be installed a gas recovery unit on the site to replace the old unit, ending in 2008. The gas will be transported about 400 meter and used in the gasmotorunit, as there are still capacity.

Gasmotor and unit control

Control unit
The manifold at the old site

Bobøl dump by Holsted:

The dump are still open and are owned by Sydjysk Miljøfællesskab I/S.
In 2001 we suppiled a gas recovering unit using 10 drillings made with the pile driver principle and connection to 6 passive airingfacines on the closed part of the dump containing about 635.000 ton waste.
The gas are transformed in a 30 kWel MiniFrichs unit and used for heating administrations building.
The unit was exchanged by a 60 kWel MiniFrichs unit later.


Condenstrap, gaspump and gasmeter

Installation for heat supply

Skodsbøl deponi by Gråsten:

In 2002 an agreement was made between the owner of the site, I/S Alssund Affald, and us to set-up at test unit program.
They invested in a gas recovery unit and erected technic house and we agreed to own and run a gasmotorunit if the test show positive results.
There was made 18 drillings using the pile driver principle, set-up 1 facine and connected 1 perkolator well on the site with about 540.000 ton waste.
Since further 2 horizontal facines and 3 vertical are connected.
A 50 kWel dual-fuel gasmotorunit was installed in December 2002.
The motor was repaird in July and August 2007 after about 32.000 running hours.
The system is controlled remotely from our office.

Placement of suctionpipe.
Pile driver mounted on a tractor 

Motor installation in Skodsbøl
Control unit Technic house.

Feltengård dump by Hadsten:
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The dump is still in operation and owned by Reno syv I/S.
In 2003 we installed a unit using the present gasmotorunit and technic house from Bobøl. The gas was recovered from 6 traditionel drillings, earlier made by Hedeselskabet. We connected 2 perkolator wells and made the heatsupply to the administration.
The gas is recovered fra about 500.000 ton waste.
Since the gasmotorunit is exchanged with a 60 kWel MiniFrichs unit.

Placement of a condenspipe

Connection to the suctionpipe 


Vindblæs dump by Løgstør:
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A dump unit was setup in 1998 by Hedeselskabet for Vindblæs Kraftvarme to supply the gasmotor in Vindblæs. The gasmotor run on a mix of naturalgas and dumpgas.
In 2003 we put up a newcell on the dump with about 30.000 ton waste. We made 8 drills put 3 facines in a area still in operation as a dump.
The gas are sent by a new manifold in the exsiting system by a unused gastransmission pipe.

Manifold closed

Manifold open


Construction work at Skibstrup affaldscenter

At Skibstrup Affaldcenter the construction work started around the 1st. of May. The test pumping started in the beginning of June. We receive continual about 140 kW energy equal to 120.000 liter oil pr. year. There are 22 drillings, 3 fascine and connected 2 percolatorwells.
We expect an engine, 35 kWel, to start running primo February 2009. Deponigas ApS is the owner of the gasengine.

Connection from the new and old system in Hedeland.

On the new depo in Hedeland30 years old and without household waste - the work started in the beginning of June 2007. The trial stated around 1st of July and the gas are used on the original dual-fuel motor using gas from the in 1979 closed landfill, Hedeland I.
The gas at Hedeland II comes from 3 facines and 22 driilings.
We have made the final report and now we run the engine continous with 110 kW.

On Gerringe deponi we have finished the gas collecting system and expect the test pumping to begin primo January 2008. The gas will be used in a 30 kWel spark ignition engine.
The engine was started medio June 2008. Deponigas ApS is the owner of the gasengine.

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Glatved Deponi.
The right side of the photo: you can see the container that has been used for gas extraction since 1998. The gas is used in a 400 kW boiler requering more than 42 % of methane. This is only the case with 13 of the 40 boreholes.
The left side: you can see the new test pumping container. Here we measure the gas from the other 27 boreholes.This container is prepared for an engine that will arrive at a later stage and it is generelly equipped as the container in Gerringe, abowe.
We have made the final report and the owner of the landfill gas plant can those between a 100 kWel spark ignition engine and a 150 kWel dual-fuel engine.
The landfill gas plant is owned by NRGI Lokalvarme. They have booked a 100 kWel spark ignition engine and expect it running spring 2009.

Referencer outside Denmark:
South africa:
In 2005 we made, joined with Rambøll a CDM-project estimate with description and pricing on a unit in Southafrica.
With COWI on a JI-project we made a visit to a russian wastedump to make a estimate on a gas extraction system.
In the spring of 2006 there was made work agreement with the contrator Hídépítö in Hungary, where we should transfer technology on a gas unit and put up a trail pump unit (pump effect min. 200 m3 gas/hour) on a dump in Salgótarján. A report was made in january 2007.

Last check on container in Denmark

Shipment of container to Hungary
Test pump container runnig in Hungary Exchange of experiences

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