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October 2104 
You find "operationel
data" for our engines
at the bottom of
"Current Projects"
The engine at Hedeland has been stoppet to be repaired efter 67.119 running hours

Welcome to Deponigas ApS.

Deponigas ApS was stated October 1999 and have today 450 part owners and a capital of 793.400 kr = about 106.500 €

The company Deponigas ApS are formed to develop and marked units to collect landfill gas and in some cases to own and run landfill units.

Excecutive committee:
Deputy manager:
Ole Elmose, energy consultant
Mikkel Kastensand, technician
Peder Petersen
Nils Vilsbøl
Thorvald Pedersen

E-mail til Ole Elmose